There are 3 subspecies of moose in the animal world. Alaskan, Canadian and shiras moose. These mounts are of the Canadian subspecies. Moose are the largest antlered animals on the planet both in body size and antlers. Each year they shed their set of antlers and regrow these beautiful massive sets of antlers. They reach their full potential between the ages of 7 to 9 yrs. old. These mounts for sale are all very mature bull moose.They were mounted by me in my taxidermy studio with all the finest materials available in the industry. Skins were commercially tanned to last a lifetime. They come with heavy duty Hangers installed on the back of them specifically made to hold large heavy mammals such as these. Pay attention to the detail in the pictures to see the quality of the mounts. We pay great attention to detail in recreating these animals . Shoulder mounts will have to ship ground freight . Contact me for details or see the about page for further details.

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Moose #201 ***LAST ONE ***

Moose #203 (SOLD)

Moose #202 (SOLD)

Moose#207 (SOLD)

Moose #206 (SOLD)

Moose #205 (SOLD)

Moose #204 (SOLD)