Please note* Due to state restrictions on all black bear items for sale that No Black Bear mounts or parts of
any bear can not be shipped  to any of the following states: Ca., Fl., Ne., Nd., OK., SD., Va. or W.V.

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Sportsman’s Pride Taxidermy rugs are made with only the finest materials available in the taxidermy industry. They are made to last a lifetime. We have done hundreds of bear rugs for our customers in the last 29 years and have never had a negative complaint . Each finished rug utilizes the bears original claws. The hide is commercially tanned. Each rug has a 1/2″ padding adhered to the skin to make the rug plump and feel plush to the touch. They also have a double felt border around the entire outside edge of the rug. The entire back of the rug has a beautiful black felt . There are 6 hangers sewn into the rug which enables you to hang it at any angle on any wall. Each rugs skin gets dyed black to give the rug a complete sleek finished look. I have tried to provide enough pictures for you to look at the detail work of our rugs. No 2 are exactly alike.

Bear Rug #2006

Bear Rug #2005

Black Bear Rug #2001

Black Bear Rug #2002

Black Bear Rug #2003

Rug #2004(SOLD)