Customer Antler Knobs




      These are hand made genuine moose antler cabinet drawer pulls/handles made from real moose antler from all parts of a moose’s antler. We offer them in 3 sizes . 4 1/2 ”   –   3 1/2 ”   and 2 1/2  “.

      This listing is for the 4 1/2 ” size. All edges are sanded very smooth and they have a great clean look and feel to them. No two are exactly the same . If you are looking for antler handles that are all exactly the same buy the cheap plastic (faux) junk made in china. If you want beautiful natural antler these are the real deal. I have them listed at a great price so you can buy enough to do a whole kitchen or a couple of dressers etc. I  can also sell them at this price because I personally collect these moose antlers myself.

      I live in the heart of the best moose country on the planet. These are all made with fresh grade A moose sheds.